Miss You Dad

by Dhananjay Collur
March 25, 2022

Bob Dylan was famous for composing a song in a matter of minutes. It is said that he used to write two lines on a piece of paper and go to studio. Then and there he used to make up lyrics as he sang along. That is his genius.

For me, every song takes atleast a month that’s because I am a slogger. However, the day after my Dad expired, I got the tune and lyrics all in one shot in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Lyrics of The Song

Miss You Dad



I woke up feeling down

Suddenly all alone

Don’t feel like getting up

Knowing that you are gone



Many times you told me son

Why don’t you let me go

You and I cant decide

You got to wait for your turn



The harvest moon and the twinkling stars

Burst out in tears and cry

At the break of dawn the morning sun

Comes out to say good bye



I miss your smile I miss your grin

Your gentle ways loving and kind

I miss you Dad day and night

Like an amputated hand

Dhananjay Collur